Lauren YS x Pangeaseed x MPD Oracle Squid Ring


**The Oracle Squid ring is IN STOCK. All Oracle Squid ring purchases are to be made through the Pangeaseed website**


We are pleased to announce the final Pangeaseed limited edition release of 2017. This ring was made in collaboration with guest artist Lauren YS. We are excited to offer you the Oracle Squid ring. 

The Oracle Squid ring is beautifully hand-carved and cast into recycled .925 sterling silver.

Measuring approximately 1.25in/32mm from top to bottom and made to curve perfectly around the topside of your finger. 

Available in three gemstone options all ethically sourced:

  • Green Agate - Edition of 20
  • Purple Amethyst - Edition of 20
  • Black Onyx - Edition of 20

All stones measure 4mm set into the center of the squid's eye. 

Each ring is made to order, based on your size selection, with the gemstone of our choice, and engraved with the 3 collaborators logos on the inside of the ring. 

Please allow 6 to 8 weeks for delivery.



Three Rings for the crab-kings under the sea, 
Seven for fish-lords in their halls of jelly, 
Nine for Shark-Men swimming free, 
One for Squid Queen and her squishy belly 
In the Deep Sea where the squillies be. 
One Ring to squish them all, One Ring to preserve them, 
One Ring to see them all and how to help conserve them
In the Deep Sea where the squillies be. 

"Wear the ring and it will give you the power of many boneless legs and shifting chromatophores in your skin. It will bestow upon you a vivid connection with the great orb eye of the Squid Queen. Wear the ring and all the ghosts of sea creatures past will appear in a glowing procession to answer your deepest questions and consult with you about how to help protect marine species and stop ocean acidification. Oh, this mighty ring also tells the future."

- Lauren YS

  • Purchasing

    All Oracle Squid ring purchases are to be made directly through the Pangeaseed website. Please do not hesitate to contact with any questions regarding the ring.

"Sea-inspired, laid back luxe"

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