Mixed Metal Mermaid Hug Ammonite Ring


As a firm believer in the power of a good hug, what could be better than your daily dose coming from a mermaid squeezing around your little finger? 

With a detailed face, boobs (!!), and a little booty, this ring is meant to be worn so that if she spins around you will only see more of the detailed carving of her body. The ammonite fossil resting between her hands and tail is held in a 14k yellow gold "anemone prong" style setting, and looks as if she is sharing treasure from the depths of the sea.


Due to the one of a kind nature of fossils, the size and shape of the ammonite pictured may vary slightly from ring to ring.


ONE size 6 available. 100% handmade. Each ring and ammonite is one of a kind. While they are similar to the image shown, each ring will be uniquely its own!

  • Specs

    • Sterling silver
    • 14k yellow gold
    • Ammonite
    • 13mm at widest

"Sea-inspired, laid back luxe"

Los Angeles, CA

© 2016 Morgan Patricia Designs