When "artist-in-residence" takes on new meaning...

Updated: Mar 30

My heart is in this. MPD is a part of me that I will continue to grow because I’m infinitely inspired to share the love and passion that goes into creating each piece with all of you. Now that my focus lies mostly in selling vs the creation of new items, I feel more strongly with each passing day that my job is ultimately to bring light, joy, and sparkle into your day. We all deserve a little bit of deep sea, mermaid magic right about now.

I want to thank everyone who’s posting about supporting small businesses through all of this. Whether it’s a like, share, a few kind words of encouragement, or a purchase. We rely on your patronage to keep our "doors open", and every little bit counts when you don’t have outside funding or a safety net to fall back on. If you can afford it, small and local businesses appreciate everything you can do to allow us to continue operating in this strange new normal. Try buying your necessities from a local market, grocer, and pharmacy vs. big chains. Looking for something in particular? Sharing of resources is where we shine! If I can’t provide the best fit for your want/need, I’ll introduce you to a wide range of creative friends whose small businesses may be the perfect fit. Let’s navigate these waters together, but separately. Please do your part and stay home if you can!

As for what’s available here, most of my “ready to ship” items are 14k yellow and rose gold. Gold as a precious metal tends to stay strong in times of crisis. I’m holding onto it’s strength & warmth, and learning from it’s malleability. I hope you can feel it too. Birthdays, anniversaries, Mother’s Day, graduations, and special occasions will always deserve celebrating. I’m happy to offer additional photos, videos, and item details for a virtual tour of the stock I have on hand. As always, earrings are sold individually. Let me know if you prefer a pendant without the chain, or if I can source the perfect chain for you online. Rings can’t be re-sized at the moment, but please reach out if you’d like to purchase one to be re-sized once production can start up again. I truly hope that this does not come off as insensitive. I’m doing what I can to keep my business afloat and stay connected with all of you. Remaining present. Supportive. Cultivating beauty as totems and amulets that carry a deeper meaning than an object to wear. Offering a space to share tropical memories, pieces of the ocean, reminders of sunny days and salty air, and pieces of light sculpted by my hands for your heart.

To my loyal clientele and brand new followers who may have stumbled upon my line through these uncertain times (we’re all falling down some new rabbit holes these days, right?), please stay in touch. I’m sending love, virtual hugs, and mermaid hugs while they’re in stock, to all of you. This is all in hopes of spreading joy as this situation evolves. It helps to have small celebrations to look forward to, and I truly believe that connecting spiritually and emotionally is ever important at a time where we are all experiencing a deep physical disconnect.

**I've activated a new coupon code "SPREADLOVE" to be used until we're allowed to play outside again (with free 3 day domestic shipping). I'll be donating a portion of ALL sales during this time to No Kid Hungry where they are tirelessly working to feed the millions of vulnerable children losing the school meals they depend on.**

Do your best to find enjoyment in the stillness, the subtle nuances of your new day to day, and the ways you can help make this world a more beautiful place. Encourage love and laughter, they’re contagious! Most importantly, take care of yourselves, your loved ones, and your community.

xoCarlie (and Moh)


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