Color on color on color!

Hi friends!

Why I'm posting this: I sorted through my desk a few weeks back, and came across a secret stash of gemstone beads I’d held onto from years ago. Does anyone remember my big beaded necklaces?? I’m thinking about re-creating a few of them with updated twists next week. We could ALL use a little extra sparkle/rainbow energy right about now, especially with Mother’s Day coming up!

The backstory: I’ll be honest, there was a momentary panic when I realized that while I can carve to my heart’s content… not being able to cast and having to leave these styles “half finished” felt like my business was broken. That I was broken. I let myself cry and then shook it off, or danced it off, with the help of Ryan Heffington’s IG live dance class. Wooo!! That much movement, joy, silliness, and laughter gently reminded me that my gift is still to create. That I could still dive into my passion and get lost in making something fueled by my hands and heart. This is partly for myself, and partly for you. Whether you’re looking to give or receive, I need to be present in order to provide. I fully understand that jewelry is a luxury and not necessarily at the top of everyone’s list these days. In the meantime, I’m happy to provide photos, videos, and sparkly knowledge to brighten your day. And please don’t hesitate to reach out if something catches your eye, and you would like to put it on hold for down the road. I’m offering layaway and PayPal payment plans on everything while we navigate the uncertainty of today’s world.

Back to the purpose: I was determined to do a full clean of my gemstone stock! I sorted out keepers from those that I’ll sell off, fleshed out multiple collections using a variety of vibrantly hued gemstones, and finally stumbled upon my favorite strands of beads I’d been hoarding away. Perfect timing considering I can design and complete these pieces without the need of my casters and bench workers. I immediately pulled out a few of my favorite pendants and paired them with beads I felt highlighted their natural beauty. What do you think?

Would you pair them differently? Most necklaces in the “Ready to Ship” section can be switched out for a beaded strand, available in 14-24” length. What colors/gemstones strike your fancy? I'm thinking about bracelets as well, at custom-made lengths.

I love love LOVE the contrast on the opal pineapples. Should I switch the pendants? Let me know your colorful thoughts!

I've also had a few questions come through about layering these beaded styles with gold necklaces... Shown above at varying lengths, I think they look beautiful together. This one of a kind Sea Star necklace on a strand of champagne quartz and the golden pearl shipped out to their forever homes this week!

Have you seen my latest Instagram post? It highlights pure summer vibes with the four pineapple necklaces that are ready to ship! Those rainbow hued gemstones grouped together make my heart happy, and I hope it brings a little bit of joy to your day as well.



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