All Black Lives Matter.

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Hi friends,

I’m reaching out with a heavy yet hopeful heart. The blatant prejudice, micro aggressions, and systemic racism coursing through our country’s veins is unacceptable and heart wrenching. For the past few weeks I have chosen to take a step back from speaking about and sharing MPD content in order to listen, learn, share, and reflect on what it means to live as a privileged white woman in America.

I have no idea what it’s like to be a target or mis-treated because of the color of my skin, nor do I know the fear and exhaustion Black men, women, and children live with on a daily basis. I do know that tearing down systemic racism is going to take a lot of work.. and it cannot be done by just a few people, overnight, or by avoiding the uncomfortable conversations at hand. I hope that the recent increase in BLM enthusiasm and ally ship Black people are experiencing today doesn’t die down over the coming weeks, but instead GROWS.

Now is the time for us (white families and communities) to educate ourselves and be the encouraging, committed force to educate those who need additional tools and direction to address and enforce lasting change in both our personal space and work environments. The work is far from over. We need to speak up in moments of injustice. Listen to the podcasts, read the books and articles, and explore art by black leaders, writers and artists. Absorb and apply the un-learning we have to grow through. Sign petitions and contact politicians, community leaders, and school boards to spread anti-racism instead of tolerance and put an end to police brutality. Face the discomfort of realizing that while we may have never seen ourselves as racist before, it was always there, eyes closed, in places we never knew to look. Examine ourselves and learn how to become an ally in this fight.

I am committed to holding myself and my community accountable. I'm not perfect, and I've made mistakes. I've learned that we all need to start somewhere, and I will continue to fight for a brighter future of loving awareness where we uplift and protect marginalized voices. It’s simply not enough to say we’re not racist, we have to be anti-racist.

Since creating MPD, I have mostly donated to causes related to our oceans and the health of our planet. For the foreseeable future, I will also be focusing on donating a portion of all sales to The Loveland Foundation on a monthly basis. As I begin to share jewelry again on social media, I will continue to post BLM resources, artists, and information. There are so many BLM related charities and foundations that need our help, and I hope that you donate when you can. And if you’re looking for MPD’s sea-inspired jewelry, I’m still here creating for you, but with a deeper meaning to support and elevate the most vulnerable among us.

My first jewelry-related post will feature a donation-based giveaway. Each "ticket" will cost $25 and you may enter/donate as many times as you'd like! Stay tuned, heart and eyes open.

I wish I could hug you all!



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