Custom Design

All Morgan Patricia Designs pieces are designed to bring out the sea-inspired joy, love, and light I see within my clients. To be able to co-create a piece of jewelry that holds so much meaning and connection is what inspires me most.



Enjoy the Process



 A fossilized shark tooth amulet to signify strength.. a mermaid hug talisman as a token reminder of self love.. an opal (or birthstone) when you need the playful, colorful touch of a rainbow.. a delicate piece to add a touch of sparkle to the everyday.

You will work exclusively with the owner & artisan, Carlie, during the creation process. This begins with the initial sketches to hone in on the style and direction of the piece, sourcing the perfect gemstone, hand carving the wax model, turning that wax into the precious metal of your choice through the ancient technique of lost wax casting, to finally hand finishing, setting & bringing your personalized miniature sculpture to life.


Whatever the style or purpose, we will work together to create the sea-inspired design of your dreams. 


"Sea-inspired, laid back luxe"

Los Angeles, CA

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